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    Muhammad Javaid Essani

    Ceo, JE Group

    Our formula for success is to know our customers and to fulfill their individual service requirements and needs.
    We serve our clients with all our knowledge and commitment and the feeling that we enjoy doing what we are here to do.

    Our aim is to provide global excellence in all aspects of logistics and transportation, which is provided by our staff members and worldwide suppliers who are here to serve your requirement through the next Century.
    Thank you, so much for visiting us, if you need any assistance or having inquiry, Kindly contact us through Contact tab details, and can be assisted by our relevant departments
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    Muhammad Rabeet Essani

    Director, JE Group

    In an ever-connected world, where distances are bridged through trade and commerce, our role as a freight forwarding, logistics, and consolidation company extends beyond the mere movement of goods. We take pride in our multifaceted contributions to society that go beyond profit-making, aiming to foster progress, sustainability, and inclusivity.

    I am dedicated to driving not only business growth but also societal progress. Our commitment to efficient resource utilization, economic empowerment, accessibility, global collaboration, technological integration, sustainability, employee development, and CSR initiatives underscores our role as a responsible Pakistani citizen.